About Dolly & Mop
“Dolly-mop” in Victorian England it meant a mistress or harlot. In our world it means all things beautiful, glowing and down-right smoking hot.

Our philosophy is that beauty comes from within, so we promise to make sure you leave feeling good and looking absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. And we are unashamedly different – here we like to know all of our clients and use our many years of experience to make sure we listen and then tailor each treatment to you. All those little personal touches mean something big to us.

So whether it’s a bespoke beauty treatment or a maybe just a chat about your big event; we’re the professionals – just give us a call or pop in for a cuppa. We’ll make sure you feel right at home.

About Laura
“As a little girl I adored beautiful things – pressing flowers, making perfumes and potions, sharing them with loved ones – creating my own little world. You might say I haven’t changed. At Dolly & Mop I have created a sanctuary where you can escape the everyday, where I use nature’s treatments to heal, restore and make you look and feel wonderful. I like to think that’s my little gift…sharing my world, and my 15 years’ of experience in beauty with you.

I love to create very natural, personalised treatments which draw on wisdom and techniques from across the globe. I specialise in skin care and I like to take the time to understand what works for you and how to treat your skin…so I will design everything I do just for you. I don’t do standard treatments.

Queen of the hot wax, I am also renowned for my waxing technique. It’s quick but gentle – I promise. I will make sure you feel comfortable and ensure you get the result you want. You’ll be primed, preened and bikini ready in no time.

So whether it’s a wax, facial or any other of my specialist treatments – come in and see me and we’ll work out what’s best for you. Let me indulge you, soothe you, pamper you and tickle your senses. I just love making you feel good.”